Sunday, January 24, 2016

Hillary Clinton on Meet the Press

When Chuck Todd asked her what her one big goal will be in the White House  - on what would she spend all of her political capital - Hillary disagreed with the question.  Anyone who has read her policy plans - here and here -  knows that they are varied and integrated.  She does not have a single agenda.  Hillary does not see threads.  She sees the whole cloth and how the threads are woven together as a fabric. It is hard to understand why anyone would vote for a candidate with only a single mission.  Hillary rejected the notion out-of-hand.  Most of his other questions were negligible. That includes questions about paid speeches and emails. The final question to Hillary was about Michael Bloomberg entering the race.  She said he is a friend and that she understood that he would do that only if she did not get the nomination.  By getting the nomination, she told Todd, she will relieve him of that necessity.

In her favor, Todd told Donald Trump that we have every one of Hillary's tax returns since 1977 when she entered the public domain.  Trump, to borrow a word newly-minted by a recent supporter, had a squirmish with Todd declaring his hatred for taxes and for what is done with the money.  He said he pays as little as possible and that's a good thing.  He also said his tax returns are "no ordinary tax returns."  Yeah. We're sure.  Trump gave high praise to eminent domain, however.  He does like that particular government perq since it benefits his enterprises. Americans should be very wary of that preference on his part.

Every voter should see the movie You've Been Trumped. In the UK, Compulsory Purchase Orders  (CPOs) are the counterpart of our eminent domain.  You should hear him talk about tearing down people's houses in Scotland that he doesn't want to look at.  He rants, "Who cares?  Who cares?"

Bernie Sanders was also on and had a squirmish moment or two himself over reparations for slavery and his lack of Senate endorsements.  Essentially, he threw all his Democratic colleagues in the Senate under the bus by dumping them all into the "establishment" bucket that represents everything that is wrong.

Someone we all know once said "There is nothing wrong with America that can't be fixed by what is right with America." There is something right with America.  This beautiful lady is running for president at the right time with the right platform to fix the things that are wrong.

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