Sunday, January 31, 2016

One Day to Iowa Caucus: Hillary Clinton's Walk Down Memory Lane

Hillary put together this lovely retrospective as she stood on the cusp of the primaries beginning for real.  Polls have been all over the place, and for months now  - maybe as many as the 10 she has been campaigning - they have had no place here.  If you have ever been contacted by a polling organization or studied psychology, you understand that polls are controlled and skewed by the questions.   But tomorrow everything changes gear.  No longer controlled by spin artists, the only polls that really count will be open and the results will have serious consequences.

So Hillary took a deep breath and gathered her memories of the months leading up to tomorrow's shift from speculation to reality.

Thank you Hillary for your tireless hard work!  We're with you!

10 months ago I launched my campaign for president. Here are the things I’ll never forget.

What I heard in those early days — and every day since — has stuck with me.

Back in April, I began my journey as a presidential candidate with a visit to Iowa. Today — nearly 10 months and 160,000 miles of travel later — our campaign has come full circle: America’s first voters are about to begin electing our next president.
From the very beginning, I wanted this campaign to be a little different. So instead of kicking things off with a big speech, we headed out to talk directly with people — in coffee shops, at churches, in backyards, at community colleges, and yes, at a Chipotle in Maumee, Ohio.

From our very first trip to Iowa of this campaign — listening to Bryce Smith talk about his bowling alley and his student loans. I recently made good on my promise to come visit!

What I heard in those early days — and every day since — has stuck with me. People have shared their hopes and their worries. But even as they talked about the challenges their families, businesses, schools, and communities are facing, there was a sense of positive possibility.

A memorable moment at Rancho High School in Nevada: sitting down with a group of young people who are DREAMers in more than name alone.

Those conversations have informed me and helped shape this campaign. They’ve made me a better candidate. And I believe that, thanks to everyone I’ve met, I will be a better president — someone who truly understands what we need to do to give our kids and grandkids a better future.