Thursday, January 28, 2016

Join Women for Hillary FTW! #ImWithHer #Hillary2016

With Iowa just days ahead, how can you help Hillary win?  Hillary for America has a few suggestions. Join Women for Hillary and be a part of the team!

Women for Hillary
Want to get involved? Here's how:
1. Stay informed. Receive weekly emails from the women’s outreach team!

2. Volunteer. Volunteer in your local grassroots office, call voters in other states from your home, or get a group together and travel to one of the early states to talk to voters. Just a few hours per week could make a big difference!

3. Talk to your friends. Host Women for Hillary house parties, coffees, debate watch parties, or happy hours to introduce the campaign to new supporters. 

4. Or, connect us to your friends. Have friends in other cities who want to get involved? Send their contact information here so they can get updates on events happening close to them!

5. Amplify Hillary’s message. Become a grassroots tweeter and we'll send you the latest tweets, videos, and Facebook posts to share so that you can amplify the campaign’s message during important events like debates. And be sure to post on social media during an event using the hashtags #ImWithHer and #HillSquad.

P.S. Do you have questions about what volunteers can and cannot do? The lawyers made us write this. Read the Volunteer Guidelines.
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