Thursday, January 28, 2016

While GOP Debaters Invoke her Name, Hillary Clinton Battles on in Iowa with Strong Support!

I was part of the "Twitter Brigade" tonight during the GOP debate, but while the Republicans were busily trying to find every which way to invoke her name here is what Hillary was doing in Iowa.  Thanks to Jessica Morales Rocketto for sending this note.

Phew, that’s over. Onward to Iowa!

Another night of Republicans reminding us what’s at stake in this election: immigration, women’s health, the Affordable Care Act, and so much more. With just four days left until the Iowa caucus, it’s more important than ever that we make sure Hillary is our nominee, so she can take down every last one of those guys this November.
Luckily, that’s just what Hillary was focused on tonight, and she’s got a great team in Iowa standing with her. Let’s tell the world about it!
They’re fired up in Lee County, where Hillary spoke tonight:
@adinofacollege She's fighting for us here in Keokuk & across Iowa. Incredible turnout and excitement here in Lee County #ImWithHer

And these ladies are making sure their voices get heard in this caucus:
@MichelinaBelle These ladies are ready to lead their precinct to victory for Hillary on caucus night!! 🇺🇸 @HillaryforIA #girlpower

Cindy never forgets that Hillary is fighting for us…
@BrextonIsaacs Cindy, a Steelworker in Keokuk, supports @HillaryforIA bc she needs a POTUS who supports labor. #ImWithHer #iacaucus

...and Mellissa and Ira are ready to fight for Hillary.
@schaboii Melissa and Ira are are ready to see @HillaryClinton in Keokuk tonight!! #ImWithHer #4days

Four more days -- let’s get this done! Go Team Hillary!
Thank you, Jess, for sharing these! Go Hillary! Go Iowa! #ImWithHer