Friday, July 26, 2013

Bill and Hillary Clinton: Thursday Night Date at Lexington Brass

The Clintons with EMM Group's Mark Birnbaum.
The Clintons with EMM Group's Mark Birnbaum.
Bill Clinton appears to be enjoying having his Hillary back at his side after her four years of trekking the globe as Secretary of State on the heels of her 2007-2008 primary campaign. Last weekend they were cozied up in the audience at a Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival performance of King Lear.  Last night, they dined at Lexington Brass in the city.  

As supporters,  we appreciate their hard work and dedication to public service as well as their private initiatives.  That the work has often kept them apart, though, has been a sacrifice that only the coldest heart would fail to appreciate.  It is lovely to see them out and about together having some fun.

One thing we know is that visitors to New York often like to hit the spots the Clintons have visited.  You can make reservations at Lexington Brass here if you would like to sample the cuisine.