Monday, July 29, 2013

Still MORE Hillary Clinton Movie News!

She is as beautiful as a movie star, more charismatic than most,  and,  given the current national Hillary-crush,  there is no dearth of media interest in our girl.    On the heels of the news, a few months ago,  of a still uncast movie about Hillary's post-law school days in Washington, Rodham, and NBC's Saturday announcement of a miniseries with Diane Lane as Hillary Clinton from First Lady through Secretary of State,  comes the news from CNN of a planned documentary about Hillary wherein casting will be unnecessary.   This time Hillary will play Hillary and there will be no jockeying for roles. 

CNN to produce Hillary Clinton film

CNN Films has tapped documentary filmmaker Charles H. Ferguson to direct a feature-length documentary about former Hillary Clinton, POLITICO has learned.

"CNN is very pleased to be working with Academy-Award winner Charles Ferguson on the film, which will be released in theaters and air on CNN," Allison Gollust, the network's senior vice president of communications, told POLITICO on Monday. The release date has yet to be determined.

The film adds yet another installment to the growing list of Hillary-related television projects and books slated for release before the 2016 presidential campaign. But is also presents a potential image problem for CNN's News division as it covers Clinton in the run up to her highly anticipated bid for the White House.
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