Friday, August 9, 2013

About Slapping Hillary Clinton

In a post on Monday, among other news stories about our girl, I included an article about an online video "game" that encourages players to slap Hillary.   In that post, I mentioned the "virtual violence directed at our prime champion of women’s rights and dignity"  and called it physical abuse.  The game implies that it is acceptable to slap a woman for speaking.  It is not.  Ever!

I wondered, at the time, whether the SuperPAC Ready for Hillary would comprehend the underlying message this "game" conveyed and combat it in some way.  Here is part of the email I received from them on the subject.  (Links to contributions have been broken intentionally.)
We’ve seen these so-called “Stop Hillary” super PACs attack Hillary before, but this is a new low. As CNN reported, they released an online game “that allows viewers to virtually slap the former Secretary of State across the face.”
The “Stop Hillary” operatives even began messaging reporters, asking them, “Have you slapped Hillary today?”
This behavior is just plain wrong.
But instead of getting mad, we should get organized. And that’s why I hope you’ll make a contribution today. Remember, there’s no better way for us to respond to this nonsense than to continue building a large grassroots organization encouraging Hillary to run.
Please make a $5 donation and help us send a message that disgusting tactics like these will only strengthen our resolve to make Hillary our next president.
Instead of waging attacks like this "slap Hillary" game, this crowd should help address the challenges facing our country by working with President Obama to create good jobs.
It's three-and-a-half years before the 2016 election. Hillary hasn't even said if she's running (and that's why we're encouraging her to run) and yet these "Stop Hillary" groups are attacking her every day. She’s a private citizen working to make sure children have a good start in life and to advance the rights of women and girls around the globe. Even so, these groups are already asking Americans to "slap Hillary” -- and MSNBC, CNN, the Washington Times, and more are all reporting on it.
Will you respond by making a $5 contribution today so that everyone knows that Hillary has the most committed grassroots supporters in the country, and attacks like this only makes us work harder?
Certainly everyone who comes here is well aware of her work as secretary of state and as a private citizen since that  is the focus of this blog as opposed to concentrating on rumors, gossip, and what may or may not materialize as a campaign.  I was disappointed that the assessment was simply that the behavior is wrong - no explanation as to why and no mining the depth of the message the "game" conveys - and then onward to the predictable request for funds.

People who want her to run should have a deeper appreciation of the work she has done for women and children beyond the perfunctory nod to her current work.  The struggle to eliminate violence against women and girls and all that encourages it is basic to her endeavors - essential.
In contrast, Emily's List also emailed me, and here is part of their message.
In less than 24 hours, more than 20,000 people have joined EMILY's List in demanding that every GOP 2016 candidate pledge to refuse money from The Hillary Project and any other group advocating violence against women. Have you signed on yet? There's still time to do so.
Add your name right now. Show the GOP just how serious we are about protecting women.
Hmmmmmm... that is more like the response I had hoped to see from Ready for Hillary who purportedly are ready for her.   Evidently they lack depth of passion for what impassions her.
Slapping women for speaking is more than "just plain wrong."  It is assault,  a crime,  and deserved a much stronger reaction from Ready for Hillary - much stronger than simply pointing out her current activities and asking twice for contributions.

Here is another petition from Ultra Violet since, on this subject, you cannot have or sign too many.

Slapping women is not a joke.

A Republican Super PAC has put out a new online "game" where they ask their supporters to virtually slap Hillary Clinton across the face.  
The Super PAC is known as The Hillary Project and is an anti-Hillary Clinton group that lists Christopher Marston--a Republican campaign consultant and a former member of the Bush administration--as its treasurer.
Violence against women is not a joke.

Our message to the Hillary Project and Christopher Marston:

"Your "Slap Hillary" game is offensive and outrageous and you must take it down and apologize right away. Violence against women kills three women every day--there is nothing funny about it."
Yes, I am aware that after one signs the Emily's List petition there is a request for contributions, but it is secondary, and, most importantly, there is a petition!