Sunday, August 18, 2013

@Hillary Clinton: Unsolicited (and Useless) Advice on an Undeclared Campaign

If it's Sunday, it must be time to speculate about Hillary Clinton. I can think of less interesting topics, even if this is getting old. At least it keeps her in the news and we get to see her even when she is not doing a lot in the light of the sun.

Why is she "out there" so early? Not to mention Robert Gibbs saying she has to "distinguish herself" from Bill Clinton and "the current president.

 Just a few notes: She is not "out there." She is doing exactly the work she had been telling us she would do post-secretary of state for the past several years every time anyone asked her what her plans were.

 Chuck Todd, could you try to be a little more supercilious, pompous, didactic, and obnoxious?  Could you try?  You  appear to despise Hillary simply for existing. She is doing what comes naturally to her, what she said she would do, and she is doing good things unrelated to this administration or any campaign.  Get a grip!

As far as Robert Gibbs is concerned, my unsolicited advice to him is to spend the next few years catching up on reading her resumé since her accomplishments are many and hardly a carbon copy of either of the guys who love and admire her, as Gibbs ought to know!


Just keep smiling and doing what you're doing, Hillary! You are doing just fine! Don't pay them any mind. We've got your back, and we are collecting your talking points. We know where you stand, and we continue to stand beside you as we have all along. as we have all along.

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