Thursday, August 1, 2013

Michael Kors to Honor Hillary Clinton with New Award

At the Golden Heart Awards on October 16,  Michael Kors will present his inaugural award for Outstanding Community Service to Hillary Clinton who clearly needs a museum in which to store and display the many awards and honors she continues to collect.

Hillary Clinton Honoured By Michael Kors

01 August 2013 Sarah Karmali
Picture credit: PA
HILLARY CLINTON is to receive the first ever Michael Kors Award. The accolade is a new addition to the God's Love We Deliver awards, handed out in recognition of outstanding community service.
"I am deeply honoured to present Mrs Clinton with this award that means so much to me," Kors told WWD. "She is a dedicated and enormously effective humanitarian whose commitment to community service encompasses the whole planet. Thanks to her talent, devotion and unrelenting efforts on behalf of those with much less, she has improved millions of lives and helped lay the foundation for a better, more just world."
The annual charity awards will take place this year on October 16 - World Food Day.

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Why Hillary Clinton Is Fashion’s Favorite Candidate

By Charlotte Cowles
Michael Kors announced today that he'll present Hillary Clinton with his first-ever eponymous award for Outstanding Community Service at the annual Golden Heart Awards in October, WWD reports. This marks the second time this year that Clinton will come to New York for a fashion-heavy, celebrity-studded event on the arm of a renowned designer. In June, she was the star guest at the CFDAs, where she presented Oscar de la Renta with his Lifetime Achievement honor. That same night, Oscar blew up her spot while they were both onstage and announced, "Perhaps she wouldn't like me to say this, but I think she's going to be our next president." The crowd then burst into applause while Clinton smiled awkwardly.

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If you are Hillary Clinton and receiving all of these awards, you simply have to get used to your friends telling you that you should be president.  Many of us have been saying that since 2008.