Friday, August 9, 2013

Bill and Hillary Clinton: Almost on Vacation

Well, if the New York Times was wondering whether moving Amy Chozick to cover the Clintons was a good move, apparently it was a stroke of genius! 

One thing we have known for all of our years here following the Clintons in the summer is that there is no such thing as a "whole month of August in the Hamptons."  That is either a dream (on their part or a myth (to us).  It has never happened.  Hillary got fewer than 10 days there last year.

Chozick along with her cohort, Jim Rutenberg, have an update to share about this month's vacation on the island to be enjoyed, we hope, by our favorite couple.

Hillary still has a few appearances to make on Monday - in Las Vegas to speak at the NACDS New Total Store Expo Breakfast and San Francisco to receive the ABA Medal., but after that, she should be free as a seagull ... for a little while, anyway.   Congratulations,  Mme. Secretary!


Clintons Find a New Place to Vacation in the Hamptons

Earlier this summer, Bill and Hillary Rodham Clinton were reported to be planning a month long vacation in East Hampton. But if it seemed like a peculiarly long stretch of downtime for such well-known workaholics, that is because it was.
Both have spent the first part of August at work traveling — Mr. Clinton in Africa, Mrs. Clinton in California and elsewhere. And, contrary to earlier reports, they will not be staying the month at the East Hampton home of the developer Elie Hirschfeld that they have rented the past two summers but, rather, at an estate near the ocean in Sagaponack, some five miles to the west.

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Take A Tour Of The Hamptons Mansion The Clintons Are Renting This Summer

Megan Willett

The New York Times is reporting that Bill and Hillary Clinton will be enjoying their Hamptons downtime in a different mansion than the one they usually rent this month.

For the past two years, the Clintons have stayed at the East Hampton home of real estate developer Elie Hirschfeld.

This year, however, they're renting the $200,000-a-month Sagaponack mansion of Republican donor Michael Saperstein, according to The Daily Mail.

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