Thursday, August 4, 2016

Hillary Clinton and John Hickenlooper Rally Voters in Commerce City

Governor John Hickenlooper introduced Hillary at Adams City High School in Commerce City, Colorado on Wednesday where she delivered remarks on the economy and education.  Wearing a scarf from her previous stop at Knotty Tie, she hit Trump on outsourcing.

Considering that he is unaccustomed to paying people for their services, we can probably infer that he is unfamiliar with the term refund, which is what the U.S. did to Iran. For the record, they paid us, under the Shah, for weaponry. Then the Shah was overthrown, they took over our embassy and held Foreign Service personnel hostage for more than a year.  Full relations have not yet been reestablished, but part of the rapprochement is refunding that money along with the interest it built over the years. I had to get that out there since that is Trump's latest diatribe - we did not pay ransom for hostages. We refunded money for goods not delivered.

Back to Hillary  and John Hickenlooper now.

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