Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Hillary Clinton with Jimmy Kimmel - LIVE!!!!

On Jimmy Kimmel Live Monday night, Hillary was a live-wire fuse in firecracker red. She looked nothing like the weak, fading rose Trump and his latest attack dog, Rudolph Guiliani, have tried to portray to the gullible, information-challenged sycophants who attend Trump rallies. 

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Jimmy was not letting her off easy!  There was the pickle jar challenge.  Proving she is in fine fettle, Hillary passed that with flying colors!
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Jimmy mentioned President Bill Clinton's (I am training myself to refer to him that way so as to avoid confusion in the future) astonishment at the balloon-drop at the end of the convention.  It was probably the most successful balloon-drop at a Dem convention in decades, likely the reason for WJC's surprise. 
DSCN7959 DSCN7960 DSCN7961
Here is the balloon he took back to their hotel room to give to Charlotte.  Awwww....  It's a pretty modest-looking hotel room.  I don't see any gold.
DSCN7964 DSCN7965 DSCN7966
There was the Trump challenge. Hillary reached into a bowl with a Trump wig on it and had to read true Trump quotes with a straight face. 
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The visit wrapped up with balloons ... of course! 
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A few things are for certain:  Hillary is not on her death bed and was not sleeping.  She was wide awake and funny as ever.  She is not hiding, not "dysphasic," and not ill in any way although she feigned it for a moment.

ICYMI check out Jimmy's website >>>>

Note to readers:  Rudy Giuliani of the massive head bruise from an "accident in the shower" (I bet!) did drop out of a senate race against Hillary Clinton due to his own health issues.  I am very concerned about that bump he sustained.  Maybe he had a concussion!  He should have his head checked by a real doctor  - not WebMD or anything or anyone on Youtube.  He needs his head examined. I mean it!

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