Sunday, August 14, 2016

Something Might Be Rotten in the State of Pennsylvania If We Don't Look Out!

Why would anyone cry "voter fraud" well before he fact? It makes no sense.

Trump Solicits Election Observers for 'Rigged Election'

Ali Vitali
Donald Trump is now recruiting "Trump Election Observers" to combat what he has called a "rigged" election.
A link on his page — that directs participants to donate — rewards registrants with an email that promises to "do everything we are legally allowed to do to stop crooked Hillary from rigging this election."
The call to action comes less than 24 hours after Trump said Democratic rival Hillary Clinton couldn't win in Pennsylvania unless she cheats and just days after he began inserting voter identification riffs heavily into his stump speech.
"She can't beat what's happening here," the Republican presidential nominee told the crowd in Altoona on Friday night. "The only way they can beat it, in my opinion, and I mean this 100 percent, if in certain sections of the state they cheat, OK?"
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We need to think strategically about this.  Voter fraud in the United States has been minimal to naught.  See this >>>>
So why would a candidate in a state where he is polling low make such an accusation and recruit an army of "observers?"

My guess is that something untoward is in the works. It would indeed be sad, wrong, criminal, and fraud if voters were to arrive at the Trump-monitored polls to discover that they had already voted.
I remember this having happened to Iowa caucusers in 2008.  They arrived to be rejected and were told they were already signed in with signatures that were not theirs.  Some of them called in to CNN while this was happening. That is water under the bridge now.  Many non-Iowans have probably forgotten and only the disenfranchised remember with the fury of those who were turned away unjustly.

Trump's Delphic precognition of  loss in a state where he is tanking 87 days out sets up a disturbing scenario wherein recruited "pollwatchers" in fact interfere with the election.
The sad truth at the bottom of this slimy barrel is that voter ID might end up being all that prevents a Trump theft of Democratic and democratic votes.

My poll ladies know me very well. If someone were to attempt to impersonate me at my polling place, that person would be snagged in an NJ minute.  But if this is a plan in the hatching in PA or anywhere else, we still have 86 days to help prevent a theft.

If you are out there registering voters, maybe it is not a bad idea to ensure that they carry proper ID. Check valid ID requirements in your state and advise registrants to comply. If there are seniors in your district who need a lift to the polls and lack ID, try to assist them in getting accepted ID before the crisis occurs.  We have a few months in which to accomplish this.

I smell a rat. I am not psychic. But if you follow a certain line of reasoning behind why Trump would have made such a statement in such a state, you cannot help but expect monkey business to ensue.

Get ready! This is like no election we have ever seen before, and we need to predict what the noxious moves will be and provide the antidotes before election day.

This is the ONLY ticket that will work for all of us and not just the privileged.


There once was a boy who cried "Wolf!"

Stand with Hillary.  Stand with our right to vote!