Thursday, August 11, 2016

Hillary Clinton on Zika

Hillary Clinton is a grandma, and she loves babies.  Donald Trump kicks babies out of his campaign events.  Hillary has held many campaign events with babies and young children in attendance. The zika virus can lead to heartbreak, and it has.  A baby girl died.  Hillary heard about it, and she has something to say before this crisis outgrows all manageability.

The time to take action against Zika is now
Hillary Clinton
For months, experts have warned that Zika — a disease linked to devastating birth defects — would spread to the United States this summer, and now it has. There were nearly 1,900 confirmed cases across the continental U.S. as of early August, and now we’ve seen the first locally transmitted cases in the Wynwood neighborhood of Miami.
I know how scary that must be for young parents, particularly those who are expecting. This week, a father wrote to me to say that his wife is 23 weeks pregnant and they are alarmed because her office is in Wynwood. And yesterday, we heard the heartbreaking news that a baby girl born with Zika-related birth defects died in Houston.
I had the chance to visit the Borinquen Medical Center in Miami yesterday, where physicians, nurses, and researchers are on the frontlines working to prevent and treat Zika. It’s a serious challenge — one that we need to mobilize to address before the virus spreads further.
Everyone has a role to play in preventing this disease. As one doctor said in our discussion, if you prevent yourself from being bitten by a mosquito, you prevent a mosquito from reproducing.