Friday, August 26, 2016

Quora as Mythbuster: Hillary's Wall and Trump's Desert Shield Rescue

Quora has been a forum for candidates this cycle. Most days. the Quora digest is filled with questions about IQ, college acceptance, and why Chinese people do or do not (fill in the blank).  Today, though, Quora provided a few items to stick in your back pocket should the subject come up.

There is the wall at Hillary and Bill Clinton's Chappaqua home that some people seem to think Hillary erected for nefarious reasons.
Richard H. Schwartz
Richard H. Schwartz, Hillary Clinton volunteer in New Hampshire primary
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Hillary Clinton shares the home with Bill Clinton. That’s former President Bill Clinton - in case you’ve forgotten. Former President Bill Clinton was under Secret Service protection at the time the Clintons purchased the home, and he still is.
The Secret Service is responsible for the safety and security of all former Presidents and their families, including the Clintons. (See 18 U.S. Code § 3056 - Powers, authorities, and duties of United States Secret Service.) Given the location of the home in a suburban neighborhood, without a large buffer zone with unobstructed views around it, the Secret Service required that a perimeter fence and guard house be installed as part of the protection plan for President and Mrs. (now Secretary) Clinton.
For confirmation, see this news story about neighbors’ concerns - and about the zoning variance hearings at which the Secret Service presented the request for a higher fence than the town ordinarily allowed.
Clarification added 22 August 2016 in response to numerous comments… Congress’ primary intent in passing the law cited above to provide Secret Service protection to former Presidents is to protect the national security of the United States, which would be put at risk if a hostile foreign power were able to kidnap a former President or a close family member. Protection of the life and property of the former President against ordinary risks from criminals, the mentally unstable, revenge-seekers and politically-motivated enemies is merely a byproduct of that necessary protection.
Now for some Trump mythology, and this may be new if you never watch Hannity.

“That was not Trump’s private plane at the time.”
Bill Diamond
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It’s an exaggeration, and pretty shameful.
At the time this occurred, Trump Air had already filed for bankruptcy and ceased operations.
The liveried aircraft were used under military contract to return military to the US. This was a US Transportion Command operation, part of the United States Air Force at Scott Force Base in Bellville Illinois.
The aircraft were still liveried with the Trump Air brand. This was wholly a military airlift contract operation with leased aircraft.