Tuesday, August 16, 2016

On Trump's Ideological Testing

Donald Trump, who continues to struggle orally linking the letters L+G+B+T+Q, reading them off a teleprompter as if he is having an eye exam, proposed a test for aspiring immigrants to the U.S. Malcolm Nance called this the "the single most un-American thing I've heard" and compared it to McCarthyism and the House UnAmericanActivities Committee.

Jake Sullivan, speaking for Hillary Clinton's campaign, issued this statement and a video.

Statement from Jake Sullivan Responding to Trump’s Ideological Test for Immigrants

Hillary For America Senior Policy Adviser Jake Sullivan released the following statement today in response to Donald Trump's call for submitting immigrants to ideological tests:
"This so-called ‘policy’ cannot be taken seriously.  How can Trump put this forward with a straight face when he opposes marriage equality and selected as his running mate the man who signed an anti-LGBT law in Indiana?  It's a cynical ploy to escape scrutiny of his outrageous proposal to ban an entire religion from our country and no one should fall for it."
HFA also released a new corresponding video.

The guy who had Roy Cohn on retainer and points his finger at all and sundry is in Putin's pocket and on ISIS recruiting videos. The irony is as dense as a cloud of mercury.