Tuesday, September 22, 2015

April Ryan Sends Sisterly Love Hillary's Way

Gotta love this for a few reasons.  First of all April Ryan is not assigned to Hillary Clinton.  This is evidently a completely sui generis statement.  The other reason I love this is because often April looks like the guest ninth grade reporter in the White House press room.  She's adorable and cute and looks very young but is not to be trifled with. It's hard to believe that she has known Hillary for 20 years!

Reporter April Ryan Touts "Sister to Sister" Relationship With Hillary Clinton: "I've Laughed With Her On Many Occasions"

On MSNBC's Hardball Monday night, White House reporter April Ryan made what seemed to be a pitch for Hillary Clinton and her warm personality. The American Urban Radio Networks (AURN) reporter cited several occasions where she laughed with Clinton "sister to sister" and saw the human side of the presidential candidate.

"Chris, I've known her for about 20 years now," Ryan gloated to host Chris Matthews. "We have more of a familiarity with each other over the decades."

"Who is she?" Matthews questioned.

"She is a very interesting person. She is someone with a pedigree no one else has. She's a very serious person.

"I've laughed with her on many occasions," Ryan boasted. "Even Saturday night I was able to joke."

"What is the difference with her sitting with you chuckling away sister to sister and what you see on TV when she gives those speeches?" Matthews inquired. "Is there a difference in personality or not?"

"You would see a very easy-going woman who would laugh. A woman who is a woman. You would see a lot of that, I guess like you said, sister to sister come through. "
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