Saturday, September 19, 2015

What Part of Aiming at Republicans Do Hillary Supporters Not Understand?

Hillary had a good week.  The GOP debate drew the light away from their email/server/Benghazi tripod which Fiorina brought up in one statement, but we flushed her here.

It broadened the field of topics and gave Hillary stuff to attack.  It also gave us stuff to attack,  and I am on Fiorina's case.   They keep saying Fiorina is winning these debates.  She is their anti-Hillary.  And she is nothing!  A failure. But she plays a witch very well.  They tried airhead and bubbly with Palin.  Now they have gone stark, ominous, and acidic with her.

Break Out the Trump Wig! Carly Fiorina Will Visit The Tonight Show Monday

Hillary, of course, can demolish her and with a bright smile. She was so on her game the day after the debate that I can tell.  It's not just that this is the kind of thing that goes on in campaigns; this is her tonic.  This is what puts the gleam in her eye and the bounce in her step.  This is what she drinks in the morning that makes her shine all day. All that sh*t that they said was her shot in the arm.  She gets it from that.


The roar you hear comes from the lady in the eye of the tiger. It's still going to be a long haul, but something changed this week.  We crossed some river,  She got a boost from 11 booster rockets next to that AF-One.  How is that for irony?  But of course it isn't.  It's just what happens in campaigns.


She knows that.  She got her fix, and she is using it for all it is worth. Good for her!  Meanwhile Carly had better watch her mouth.  I am.

So why oh why oh why-o, are Hillary Dems attacking Bernie Sanders like he is the demon come flesh and dwelling among us?  There is not a single anti-Bernie statement, posting, or video of any kind from the campaign.  That is because right now all the artillery is aimed at the outrageous Republican postures.

Barbara Boxer outlined the opposition agenda perfectly in this email.
Still --
I didn't think it was possible, but Wednesday night's three-hour GOP debate made me even more ready for Hillary.
Donald Trump might be the most quotable, but the entire field is using the same old GOP playbook of divide, attack, and take us back:
✔ Defund Planned Parenthood
✔ Deny climate change
✔ Deport hardworking immigrants
✔ Rip up the Iran nuclear deal, and set the stage for another war
✔ Cast doubt on lifesaving vaccines
✔ And, of course, their top priority: maliciously and falsely attack Hillary Clinton
Chris Christie even put it this way, promising, "I will prosecute her."
We must stand with Hillary -- immediately. Will you take a stand and pledge to support Hillary?
I just added my name. Will you pledge yours in support of Hillary's campaign?
Each and every single day until Hillary Clinton is elected in 2016, I'm going to be there, standing up for Hillary and defending her from the 24/7 Republican attacks.
Will you join me in supporting Hillary today?
Add your name: Stand with Hillary and pledge to defend her against Republican attacks!
In Friendship,
Barbara Boxer
U.S. Senator
There you have it. That is the opposition. If you strongly feel or think otherwise, you are not part of the team.  Stop identifying yourself as such.  You are a stray.  We all love cats.  It is a huge waste of time and energy trying to herd them.  If you are not with the program, quit the pretense.  If you have anti-Bernie ducks to line up, leave them that way until after October 13.  Then you will know which ones Hillary is taking aim at.  Until they debate, we will not know points of contention.

Hillary had a great week.  Consolidate behind her and her team against the GOP.  Keep the internecine salvos till next month when it becomes clearer which ones to launch.  Don't waste the ammo, the energy, or the time right now by shooting in the wrong direction.

Hillary knows whom she is aiming at.  Join her in the trenches.