Wednesday, September 23, 2015

ICYMI: Fiorina with Fallon was not all Songs to Snickers the Persnickety Pup

Monday night, Carly Fiorina was Jimmy Fallon's guest on the Tonight Show.  She was personable, which I did not expect.  She was entertaining - especially when she sang at the end. If you go to the Tonight Show website you can see the cherry-picked clips wherein Carly Fiorina actually seems ... what's the word I am looking for?  Likable?

The clips show far from the whole story though.  They are the highlights and ignore the deep, dark, scary stuff she sandwiched into the middle while fast-talking like Rosalind Russell in a 1930's movie about a  ... well ...  a female CEO.

To see these comments, you have to access the full episode and fast forward to Fiorina's segment.  It involves sitting through a lot of commercials.  I am sorry.  Nothing you can do about those.  There is no "skip ad" option.

She began with language Hillary's people identify with and agree with. Faith is good. There was something sweet from her mother about God's gifts to you and your gift to God being fulfilling the use of your God-given gifts.  This stemmed, of course, from Ben Carson's recent remarks.  She absolutely disagrees with Carson, because, of course, all faith is good.  The Pope is also good, but Democrats are bad and fail to agree with him on the sanctity of life.

Carly met Vladimir Putin once at APEC.  Let's take this one in two parts.

APEC: apparently Fiorina wants to push this one APEC speech as her official foreign policy experience. She repeats endlessly her mantra about Hillary Clinton's tenure at the State department being all about air miles.  If you do a search on this blog for APEC this is where the search takes you.
Note that first entry, the most recent.  Republicans like to send up choruses of "Where was Hillary when Benghazi was under attack?"  In fact, she had just flown in from APEC in Vladivostok at the end of an extensive and exhausting trip and many conferences.  It was never unusual for Secretary Clinton to go straight to C Street from the plane. She flew in late and was at the office the next morning, just for the record.

Also for the record, can Carly Fiorina name other international conferences where she has addressed and rubbed elbows with world leaders?

Now for Putin with whom Carly shared a few minutes in the green room before a speech once. I am picturing him now trying to remember ever encountering her. She says he can be charming and funny.  Hillary knows that. She also knows he can be stubborn and dismissive of women.  Dealing with that dismissiveness requires knowing that it exists.

On this particular trip, Hillary was not scheduled to meet with Putin about the Iran sanctions.  Uh - yes, parenthetically.  Hillary worked hard for years to get those sanctions. She had flown in from a St. Patrick's Day full of meetings with a host of Irish officials, stopped over at Shannon for refueling and greeted returning troops also there refueling.  As of the 18th, no meeting with Putin was on the agenda.  Then this.

Breaking: Hillary WILL Meet With Putin After All

March 18, 2010
... Several advance press releases and  schedules made a point of the fact that she would not be meeting with Putin.
Read more >>>>
Then this.  It was not the first time she was not scheduled to meet with him and managed to wrangle him into a pow-wow. The bonus was that she got results.  Sometimes I think that Hillary does things to be able to say that she gave it her best effort.  Hillary's best efforts get excellent results.  Putin liked to leave Hillary to Lavrov and Medvedev, but she knew when she needed to sit with him, and she got those meetings and got results.
Fiorina says she would not speak to him at all.  That would suit him just fine.  There is something to be gained from a one-on-one with him as Hillary Clinton knows.

Hillary Clint, on Gets Putin To Budge – A Little

March 19, 2010

Let me be clear, this is not about the sanctions themselves with which you may agree or disagree. It is about Hillary Clinton. Yesterday I said that I thought Putin would be impervious to her persuasive powers given that he appears to be very dedicated to the manufacture of nuclear energy as an export business for Russia. Well, if this report is accurate, I, one of the die-hard Hillary Hold-Outs (yes, a Hi-Ho) am now *hanging head in shame* for having doubted that she could get Putin to concede – even if it is a little.  Note to self: Never again underestimate Hillary Rodham Clinton’s ability to argue a good case.
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Well,  here we have the transcript of Secretary Clinton’s remarks with Putin.   Actually, I fail to see where he “bombarded” her (as I saw it characterized in the press).  He called her “Your Excellency.”  :)  Even if he had “bombarded” her,  she is used to it and knows that it is not personal.   She knows her job.

Remarks With Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin Before Their Meeting

Hillary Rodham Clinton
Secretary of State
Moscow, Russia
March 19, 2010
Carly warned that we should not forget that he is a KGB guy.  Yes, Hillary has already made that eminently clear.  That was no news to us.

Hillary Clinton’s ‘Hard Choices’ Retrospective Part Four Chapter 11 Russia: Reset and Regression

Hillary Clinton’s ‘Hard Choices’ Retrospective Part Six: The Future We Want Chapter 21 Climate Change: We’re All In This Together

Or, what the heck!  Just go here>>>>>

Then came Carly Fiorina as Napoleon. Only taller ... and female.  This is the part the Tonight Show web editors figured you did not need to see and can see only if you painstakingly go through the video and consume all the commercials.  Sorry.

Rather than speak to Putin, here is what Mme. President Fiorina would do.  I am not sure you will see this elsewhere.
  • Immediately start rebuilding the 6th fleet;
  • Rebuild the missile defense program in Poland;
  • Conduct regular military exercises in the Baltics;
  • Put 1000 more troops in Germany;
  • Lead in Syria as, she said we should have three years ago and Obama and Clinton have not.
I take strong exception to that last allegation!  Look here >>>>>

Time to Revisit Hillary Clinton on Syria

September 4, 2015

I also wonder where those extra 1000 troops will be coming from.  Fallon did not ask. His job was to keep things light.

That is what is between the sweetbread of Carly's Mom's faithful advice in the beginning of the appearance and the song for Snickers to a 1950s rock tune at the end.   Note to Carly Fiorina:  The Cold War is over.  Note to Republicans in general, the 1950s are over.

Other candidates are making the late night rounds.  Bernie Sanders was on with Colbert, and the night Fiorina was with Fallon, Ted Cruz was with Colbert.  Meh.

All the Republicans are working from the same talking points memo about Hillary except Fiorina who has her own Hillary attack system.

We have our own Hillary defense system.  Carly Fiorina may be the Republican female candidate whom they are pitting against Hillary Clinton.  The comparison ends at female. Fiorina likes to tell people she began as a secretary. She lacks Hillary's brand of secretarial experience, however, by thousands of air miles, summits, conferences, treaties, strategic plans, MOUs, and handshakes.  In no way does she measure up.

Well he is up to something, Carly, and I seriously doubt that not speaking to him is the wisest foreign policy.  Grow up.  Stop singing your mom's Bill Haley and the Comets songs, or whatever that was.  Not speak to him?  What is wrong with you?  Oh, wait!  I know!  You shouldn't be running for president.  It is that simple. Well you can if you want to but you are #WrongForAmerica. 

Putin Said to Plan Islamic State Strikes With or Without U.S.

Bloomberg) -- President Vladimir Putin, determined to strengthen Russia’s only military outpost in the Middle East, is preparing to launch unilateral airstrikes against Islamic State from inside Syria if the U.S. rejects his proposal to join forces, two people familiar with the matter said.
Putin’s preferred course of action, though, is for America and its allies to agree to coordinate their campaign against the terrorist group with Russia, Iran and the Syrian army, which the Obama administration has so far resisted, according to a person close to the Kremlin and an adviser to the Defense Ministry in Moscow.

U.S. ‘Receptive’
Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Wednesday the U.S. has become more “receptive” to Moscow’s position. The U.S. has tempered two planks of its Syrian policy -- that Assad must step down immediately and that it won’t negotiate with his government, according to comments made by Secretary of State John Kerry on Sept. 17.
The next day, the U.S. and Russian defense chiefs held direct talks for the first time since the conflict in Ukraine started. They agreed to continue dialog to prevent clashes between their forces in Syria.