Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sunday Morning Groundhog Day

It was all about Pennsylvania.  While Pope Francis was spending his last day in Philadelphia, Chuck Todd took us all to Punxsutawney.  Groundhog Day is a movie you either love or hate.  It gets on my last nerve.  If you missed Hillary on Meet the Press, you really did not miss anything except that she looked great in fuschia and laughed a lot in her musical way because what else can one do?

09-27-15-NBC-01 DSCN1538

At the end of a week wherein she rolled out a plan for reducing out-of-pocket prescription costs and could no longer hold her silence on the Keystone XL issue, it was all about the server and the emails. Again!  There are video clips here, and the transcript is here.

If revisiting these email and server questions are insufficient blasts from the past, Hillary was followed by Carly Fiorina who doubled down on the videos she and the GOP claim are evidence of Planned Parenthood marketing fetal tissue.  Not only is this chorus repeated endlessly every time Fiorina faces a camera miked up, the strategy is reminiscent of the video campaign against ACORN that brought that association down in 2010.  ACORN was cleared of all wrongdoing too late.

On CNN meanwhile, Bill Clinton, who is kicking off CGI 2015, had to spend a good portion of his time with Fareed Zakaria on GPS reminding the host that Hillary was subjected to false allegations in the nineties and every time in every instance was cleared of all wrongdoing. He also mentioned that she probably has more policies and funding plans out there than all of the other candidates rolled into one.  None of this deters the server and email queries.

Later in the day, Pope Francis, during his last mass in the U.S.  delivered a homily that warned against inciting scandal and encouraged honest cooperation. He urged peace in the home, and I do not think he was talking only about nuclear families in our individual homes.  Certainly he knows what John Boehner did the day after his visit to D.C. and why.

I think we were all hoping that this visit and his messages might clear the air and allow some honest and substantive discussion of issues.  Will there ever be peace in this house?

Meet the Press will continue weekdays at 5 p.m. now, so a second part of Hillary's interview will air tomorrow.  Todd said that will be the foreign policy portion.  Let me guess:  Benghazi.