Monday, September 28, 2015

MTP Daily Debuts with Hillary Clinton Round 2: Foreign Policy

Following up on the Sunday interview, Chuck Todd shared the second part of his conversation with Hillary Clinton on the debut of Meet the Press Daily this evening.

Topics included ISIS and Syria, differences between a Hillary administration and Obama for contrast, and WJC's role in a Hillary Clinton White House. To his credit, Todd excluded Benghazi from this portion.

Hillary said we defend our principles, values, and security via coalitions and finding common ground. She still thinks we could have made a difference in Syria by helping the original rebels with whom she met early on.  Defeating ISIS with Assad in place would be very difficult. Many groups on the ground remain anti-Assad but Russian troops are protecting his regime.  Ousting Assad has to be a political process. She pointed out long term relationships between Russia and Syria, among these the Orthodox Church ties,  as evidence that Putin's moves there are not a sudden rash decision but rather rooted in a history between the nations.

Libya: Qaddafi was a bad actor with American blood (Lockerbie)  on his hands, and the joint effort against him was legitimate.  Libyans had twice voted for moderates and did not receive support to instate moderate government.

On TPP, she wants to see what is in it before taking a stand.  It is unfinished.  She is waiting for the finished product before taking a position.

She is firm on not criticizing Bernie Sanders and is running her own campaign as is he.  She did mention her many endorsements from prominent Democrats without actually stating the obvious, that Sanders is not a Dem.  Once again has said she is not running for anyone's third term but thinks her husband is a great advisor.

Political polls aside, Meet the Press Daily's chances for ratings are  obviously up in the air.  Tonight, Todd milked Hillary's interview for the whole hour.  How the hour survives will depend on more than the occasional interview with the most sought after candidate.  Hillary is the big get.  He got her for a rolling start.  She seemed happy to be there for him and wished him good luck.

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Clinton: Defeating ISIS, Ousting Assad Both Top Priorities

As world leaders convene in New York for the United Nations General Assembly, Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton told NBC News' Chuck Todd she would pursue a fight against ISIS while at the same time working to oust Syrian President Bashar Assad.
In an interview on MSNBC's MTP Daily, Clinton said fighting ISIS would be "very difficult" with Assad still in place and she would "prioritize both" because "you can't really do one without the other." She added that "ousting Assad has to be a political process."
"I think that we're going to have to, as they say, walk and chew gum at the same time. And that will be to, you know, do the best we can with our friends in the region to go after ISIS and try to, you know, push them out of Iraq and then try to, you know, deal with them and the territory they control in Syria," Clinton said.
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