Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Getting on the Same Page with Hillary Clinton

The Republican debaters are doing their final walk-throughs at the Reagan Presidential Center.  Women for Hillary are finishing up the last minute arrangements for this evening's house parties.  Pundits are talking obsessively all over the cable news shows.  Hillary is taping her appearance with Jimmy Fallon.  What are Hillary's supporters doing online?

Hillary and her campaign have some suggestions for you.  Of course Twitter should be a pretty lively place to be following the action.

"Previously On Presidential Candidate Apprentice"

The GOP: like bad reality TV, with worse ideas. Get caught up on what you've missed since the first debate.


Today’s the day the Republican presidential candidates meet for the second debate. Follow for fact-checks and more.
So if you are getting ready to settle in and watch the fireworks, set up your tabs.  You can fact check at The Briefing,  follow on Twitter,  or chime in on Facebook.  Let's try to keep in mind that the subject right now is the GOP and their proposed policies.  Internecine battles have yet to begin.