Monday, September 21, 2015

Hillary Clinton: "I have no -- no interest in doing that."

If there is some way Hillary could have made this clearer, please clue me in.  Perhaps yesterday's post was too dense and this message was lost in the forest for the trees.  So, to be crystal clear, if you are for Hillary cut out the anti-Bernie nonsense now and redirect. 

DICKERSON: Bernie Sanders has made quite a point of not attacking you. He said he's not going to run any negative ads.
Would you pledge to do the same thing with respect to him, not attack him, and also tell your supporters, hey, lay off?
CLINTON: Look, I want this to be about ideas and about policies.
I know Bernie. I respect his enthusiastic and intense advocacy of his ideas. That's what I want this campaign to be about. And I hope people who support me respect that, because this is a serious election. I obviously am running because I think it's better for the country if a Democrat who has the kind of approaches and values that my husband had and Barack Obama has follows this presidency.
DICKERSON: So, can I mark that down as a yes?
DICKERSON: You will pledge not to?
CLINTON: Well, I have no -- no interest in doing that.