Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Dennis Cheng's Grumpy Pup

Zooey is not happy.  Dennis explains why.

This is my dog Zoey:

I really love my dog Zoey. But right now, Zoey doesn’t like me very much. Look at her grumpy face!

Zoey's mad because lately I’ve been spending all my time at the office trying to hit our fundraising goals for this quarter. Before tomorrow, pitch in $5 or more to help us do that.

If we don't stay on track, we won’t be able to build the organization we need to win Iowa, New Hampshire, and all of the other states on the way to the Democratic nomination for president. Don't let that happen.
Before tomorrow at midnight, pitch in $5 or more (Zoey will thank you):


Dennis Cheng
National Finance Director
Hillary for America