Friday, September 4, 2015

ICYMI: Hillary Clinton with Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC

Andrea Mitchell hosted a composed. direct, completely transparent Hillary Clinton this afternoon.  I was happy to see Hillary take the time to explain very carefully the reason why the emails in question were requested in the first place.  Hillary said that the government is having a hard time catching up with the speed with which technology is developing.  All institutions have this problem  It is multiplied by an enormous exponent for the U.S. government.

Andrea Mitchell was hospitable and objective, not antagonistic.  She cleared away the email underbrush early and moved on to the campaign.  Hillary wisely refused to contrast herself with Joe Biden who is not at this moment running.  She made her position on the Iran deal very clear, as she once made her Senate vote on the Iraq war.  That subject did not come up, but I like to remind people that she set very clear parameters for that vote.  She is very careful in making such statements, was careful then, is being careful now - and she said she is being careful.

This was a nicely paced, well-modulated conversation.  Andrea gave Hillary all the time she needed to answer questions as completely as she wanted to.  She also gave her plenty of time to address the issues she is raising on the campaign trail.


You can access the full interview here if you missed it.  View video >>>>

Rachel Maddow will repeat the interview in full later tonight on her show.