Sunday, October 4, 2015

Heads Up: Hillary Clinton's Town Hall to Air on "The Today Show" Tomorrow Morning

Hillary was all over the airwaves this weekend between her SNL appearance last night and her in depth interview with Reverend Al Sharpton on Politics Nation this morning.  It might have escaped the attention of some that she is holding a town hall in New Hampshire tomorrow morning.  The event will be carried by NBC on The Today Show and Savannah Guthrie will moderate.  Guthrie will also conduct an interview with Hillary.

In the wake of Rev. Al's excellent Sunday morning debut, we hope Guthrie also chooses the high road and sticks to substantive questions and relevant issues.  Al Sharpton demonstrated that it is possible to conduct an informative interview without ever using the words "email," "server," or "trustworthy."  As a result,  his interview with candidate Hillary Clinton rises head and shoulders above all that have aired so far this cycle for the depth of his question preparation and high professional standards.

It was beyond refreshing to see Hillary approached as a serious contender with something to offer.  We hope Guthrie's coverage of tomorrow's event meets and maintains that high standard.

Savannah Guthrie to moderate Hillary Clinton town hall live on TODAY

Sep. 30, 2015
Ian Sager

In an exclusive NBC News event, Savannah Guthrie will moderate a town hall discussion with Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on Monday, October 5. The town hall will be broadcast live from New Hampshire on TODAY.

Guthrie will also sit down with Clinton for a live one-on-one interview prior to the event.
If you have a question you'd like to ask Clinton, send it to us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using #HillaryTODAY. The former secretary of state will take questions from voters during the town hall and your query may be included.

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