Thursday, October 1, 2015

Meeting Hillary Clinton: A Touching Backstory from Buzzfeed

There are tens of thousands of stories like this.  Everyone who has met Hillary has had a personal moment with her.  Those of us who follow her on social media have seen this touching video.  Buzzfeed's Ruby Cramer shares the backstory.

Here is the video.
Published on Sep 21, 2015
While backstage at the New Hampshire Democratic Convention, Hillary met Keith Thompson. Keith told Hillary his incredible story of dedication, and how he is working part time while also being the caregiver for his mother with Alzheimer's.

Here is the story behind it.

Voter Sees The “Real Hillary” Her Campaign Seeks To Reveal

For a supporter, it took meeting Clinton to see the “contrast” between the person and the “caricatures.” How one moment went from an intense, meaningful exchange between candidate and voter, to a story retold on Facebook, to one shared on Twitter, to a campaign video

Keith F. Thompson / Facebook

Before this year, he was never much of a Hillary Clinton person. But he’s never disliked her. He’s never found her “cold” or “calculating,” never seen her as “inauthentic” or “unapproachable.” He didn’t buy into all that — the “caricatures,” he said.

Still, for Keith F. Thompson, meeting Clinton for the first time in the flesh — seeing her, talking with her, even starting to tear up with her — came as something of a revelation.

“I knew the caricatures — I knew that was from some angry person in their mom’s basement,” said Thompson, a 52-year-old delegate from New Hampshire.

“I knew that,” he said. “But the contrast is huge.”

Thompson did not plan for the encounter. On the morning of the New Hampshire Democratic convention, as he made the drive to Manchester, he was not expecting that upon arriving, a friend would rush to his side and whisper, “Come with me,” or that soon after, he would find himself deep in the Verizon Wireless Arena, under the dim lights of a makeshift hold-room, waiting with a small group of Democrats to meet Clinton.

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