Saturday, October 24, 2015

Hillary with Maddow: Wandering into the Swamp

Call it as you will.  Hillary looked as comfortable as a person sitting upon a porcupine.  Rachel Maddow is as inimical as the Republicans.  Perhaps more so.  Her "political miracle" of Obama was partially her doing.  She dared to use those words in front of Hillary.  It was offensive. I remain distrustful.

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Maybe it's me. At our local level I realized quickly that we were there trying to get a grassroots campaign going among people who never bothered to listen to Hillary  in 2008 and really didn't know anything about her.  When Rachel said at the end that it was her first interview with a Clinton it occurred to me that she, likewise had never listened to her.  She spent the 2008 primary season shaking her head on Olbermann's hour and chanting "Why doesn't she just get out?"  Dan Abrams and his guests were fair to Hillary, and for that he was relieved of his hour and they gave that slot to Maddow.  So really, to her, Hillary was a stranger.

Anyway the video and transcript are here in case you missed it. >>>>>


WOW!  Could I possibly have been more on target?  This email just came in.  Now I have Obama's guy explaining Hillary to me? They never bothered to learn a single thing about her in 2008.  She was ready then and the best one for the job then.  I don't even know what to say.  Speechless.  Not a single mea culpa among them.  It was all a "political miracle" and a "glorious scene. "  Meanwhile all of this history was right there.  Hillary's history was written over years they never bothered to research until now.
During the most intense days of the 2008 primary, while I was serving as the Obama campaign manager, I would never have imagined writing this email.

But eight years later, I believe Hillary Clinton should -- and will -- be our next president. She will make an outstanding and worthy successor to President Obama. She will do big and important things -- and we will all look back and be proud of whatever we did to help elect her.
Here’s what I (and so many fellow Obama campaign veterans) have learned about Hillary Clinton:

She doesn’t quit -- and there were times I wish she had! But you have to deeply admire that strength and persistence. From her job at the Children’s Defense Fund to her work as First Lady of the United States, as a U.S. Senator for New York, and as the Secretary of State, she’s been working everyday to make people’s lives better.

You won’t find anyone in this race more determined than Hillary to make sure every single American has a fair shot to live up to their potential. There is no one more prepared, more diligent, or more ready with detailed plans for how to make it happen.

Hillary will protect President Obama’s legacy -- and like President Obama before her, she will make history. I look forward to the day my daughter, who was born a little more than 48 hours after the glorious scene in Grant Park in 2008, will know just as well as my son that she can grow up to be anything she wants, even president of the United States.

The stakes in this election are enormous. The difference between Hillary and a Trump, Carson, or Rubio could not be more profound. Once again, we need a president who understands the challenges we face -- someone who can and will do something about it.

Hillary Clinton is that leader. And if we step up to fight alongside her, she’ll be the next president of the United States. Chip in to help make it happen:

Go win this thing, Madam Secretary.


David Plouffe