Sunday, October 11, 2015

My Mom was a Dorothy .... Maybe yours was too!

Hillary is fighting for all the Dorothys.  My mom was a Dorothy.  The Sisters of St. Joseph swooped in and helped her out.  They gave her a full work scholarship, room, and board and made sure she went to high school during the Great Depression. She would never have been able to get that high school education without the helping hand from those nuns. She was valedictorian of her class. That's where she met my dad. Otherwise I wouldn't have come to be!


My mom is bottom row center.  My dad is on Father's right.  The dude that looks exactly like him on the left of Father Pindar is my uncle and my dad's identical twin.  (Yes, the twins gave the nuns a world of trouble. It was their job.)  Some of the other girls in this photo were also "Dorothys" that the nuns helped through high school as they helped my mom. 

There must be so many stories from those hard years. When you go back 100 years - this country was like some 3rd world countries where you wanted to have a big family so that some kids would survive into adulthood and take care of you in old age. That was the retirement plan.  In my mom's case, after they buried four dead children in Austria-Hungary,  my grandparents came here and had four more.  My grandmother died in childbirth when my mom was only six and she was the only girl.  So she was kind of set up to have a miserable life.  Apparently this was not uncommon because there were 10-15 other girls living at the convent with the same arrangement.

All the things Hillary has always fought for and is fighting for now address the weaknesses and gaps in the system that can fail people like her mom, mine, and I think many many others and not 100 years ago but now.  As she says, you should not have to be the grandchild of a president and secretary of state to have a fighting chance.