Monday, October 12, 2015

Hidden Messages: What Happens on the Way to Vegas

In the run-up to tomorrow night's debate, Hillary tweeted about her merits this evening in a cryptic kind of way. Similarly, a supporter we all know spoke to progressives about Hillary's liberal creds without mentioning names other than Hillary's. Time to clutch. We are about to go into third gear, but that does not imply a free-for-all. Hillary is the leader and will establish the game plan. We can be certain that will focus on policy and plans and not personally on opponents.

Without Saying His Name, Top Clinton Ally Makes The Case Against Sanders

Ahead of the first Democratic debate, David Brock casts Clinton as the party’s “real progressive” with “real plans that work” in a speech delivered in San Francisco.

His arguments remind me a lot of my own in 2008.  I have always thought of these statements more as points in her favor rather than criticisms of anyone else.  That said, I think I can safely predict that the fact that I admit to having used these arguments in 2008 is going to generate angry responses from some quarters.  Such is the burden borne by Hillary supporters who did not suddenly wake up to her in 2015 and have known her foci, goals, and objectives for decades. Got my flak jacket on.