Monday, October 12, 2015

On the Light Side ... A Little Hillary Humor

On the cusp of the first Democratic debate of the season,  a little comic relief might be in order.  Thanks to Ruby Cramer at Buzzfeed for this!

Why Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Sweat

Ever. “I was constructed in a garage in Palo Alto a very long time ago.”

You can’t tell from the picture — but this was a 90 degree-plus day. Darren Mccollester / Getty Images
It is a well-documented, improbable piece of Clinton trivia. It’s been been repeated in articles and books, and confirmed by friends and staffers. In the summer months — inside the unique hotbox that is a New Hampshire gymnasium, under the baking sun that afflicts the Iowa State Fair — reporters have seen it with their own eyes.
Hillary Clinton literally does not sweat.
In an interview with the BuzzFeed podcast, Another Round — after touching on such topics as sexism in Washington, the Black Lives Matter movement, and the scrutiny of the campaign trail — Clinton explained her no-sweat condition.
… which then brought the conversation around to a second, more pressing question — one that Washington’s very best political thinkers have asked for decades.
Who is the “real Hillary”?
The answer is exactly what they’ve long suspected.
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And on the serious side....

Hillary Clinton On Capitol Hill Sexism: Some Men “Were Just Troubling

“Yes, I have,” Clinton said, when asked if she’s ever wanted to tell a sexist male colleague to “go fuck himself,” as Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand put it last year.

Scott Eisen / Getty Images
Last year, when Kirsten Gillibrand was promoting her memoir — a book detailing a number of sexist encounters with unpleasant male colleagues — the senator said of one occasion, “I wasn’t in a place where I could tell him to go fuck himself.”
Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, has been in that place.
“Yes, I have,” she said in an interview with Another Round, a BuzzFeed podcast, declining to elaborate. Typically, however, Clinton said she refrains from cursing. “I say, ‘Did you hear what you just said?’ I’ve had some luck with that over the years.”
“But I’ve encountered those kinds of situations over the years,” she said, describing men who find it difficult to work respectfully with women. “Sometimes you just have to ignore what’s happening because there’s a larger issue you’re trying to deal with, and sometimes you have to confront it, and it’s almost a snap decision.”
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