Friday, October 16, 2015

Hillary Clinton: Our American Girl

Should it be any surprise that people who never got Evita do not get Hillary?  I think not.  Eva Perón was not a musical.  She was a passionate human being,  smart beyond her education,  who managed to relay her talents into a means to help the unfortunate in her country.  Those who do not know her effect upon her country need to go here and see what she accomplished.

Our Hillary ventured into Latino territory - not for the first time  - yesterday.  Those in-the-know know that she was there many years ago registering voters with Bill Clinton before anybody ever heard of them, and before they had two dollars between them.  So don't go saying any stupid stuff about Hillary in Texas - especially if you were born after 1972 because she beat you there even if you were born there.

We have an amazing American culture in this country blended of so many immigrant traditions.  If campaigns reach out to the subcultures in our cities and states, good for them!  It shows that they know the voters.

When I began researching Eva Perón in the late 1970s I used to wish for an American Evita. We already had one that I did not know about then.  But she, in the ensuing years, has become more. She is our American Hillary.  She lives, works, and exemplifies our American values and dreams.  Further, she knows that dreams can and should be realized.  She has plans to help every American make that happen.

Hillary is not Evita.  But the comparison should not be seen as negative.  It might be a good idea to know more about Evita than a Rice -Weber opera (which is what it is) conveys.
October 15, 2015 5:29 PM ET
New posters featuring Hillary Clinton seem to be trying to make her "high flying, adored" with voters.
The new images appeared at a campaign stop in San Antonio, Texas, where Clinton wooed Latino voters on Thursday. But according to NPR's Tamara Keith, the campaign says they don't know where the likeness came from. Banners were plastered all over the venue along with smaller signs and t-shirts.
A new Clinton campaign poster unveiled at an event in San Antonio says "I'm with you" in Spanish.
A new Clinton campaign poster unveiled at an event in San Antonio says "I'm with you" in Spanish.
Tamara Keith/NPR
The image of the black-clad Clinton profile may seem familiar to those who love either Argentinean history or musical theater — specifically Andrew Lloyd Weber's "Evita."
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It is a big country and diverse as all of nature.  Yes, maybe this does appeal to some populations.  Rather than turning up our noses, perhaps it is wise  step back, look at the bigger picture, and understand why.

Here is some of what Eva Perón did with thanks to her grandniece, Cristina Alvarez Rodriguez for the history.

Evita s Peron Legacy
“Foreign Aid for America!” Don’t Tell the Russians by Dolane Larson
In September 1949 Mrs. Fay Vawters began again to make the rounds of the Washington embassies. After a hot summer, autumn stood at the doorstep of the Children’s Aid Society and with autumn came school. Although built on land donated by the southern state of Maryland, Washington did experience cold spells, below zero temperatures-even occasional blizzards. If the Reverend Ralph and Mrs. Fay Vawters did not want “their” children to shiver on the way to school, the time had come to ask for donations to buy warm winter coats and sturdy shoes. Even with over a thousand children to feed and clothe, Mrs. Vawters harbored no grandiose expectations. “We had five or ten dollars in mind. We solicit thousands of people for help.”1

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We need to stop doing and thinking stupid things,  and we can start by being smarter about some of the press we have been fed.  We were fed very bad press about Evita in the 1940s and 50s.  It is believed today like a credo.  It is packed with lies for political reasons.

A Hillary friend told me years ago that when Hillary became FLOAR she came to my friend's step-mom's school in Little Rock with boxes full of coats because she heard the children did not have coats.  She unloaded the trunk of the car she drove herself, asked for the Principal (my friend's step-mom),  and said she would be back with more. She was.  That reminds me of Evita.

Children should not be cold and hungry.  You cannot grow properly never mind learn and excel in school if you are hungry and shivering.

There are basics in this very affluent society of ours to which some are not privy, and that is a sin.
Hillary knows the people with whom she met in Texas yesterday - has known them for a very long time  She registered voters there when she was still in law school.  They also know her.  They make their own campaign banners - we all do in this campaign which is a very free and creative one.

I like what they did.  They know what they are doing. They know who Hillary is.  She is our American Hillary.  Our American girl.  Funny how my 2008 themes return.  Happens more and more every day!  Yikes!  I made this in 2008 when I was playing with Blingee out of grief and frustration!

Here is another all-American girl who understands completely.
OK this girl is Irish, but she also gets it.  Irish people understand.
FTR here is Patti.