Sunday, October 4, 2015

Rev. Al Sharpton's Sunday Morning Debut: The Best Hillary Clinton Interview So Far

In his Sunday morning debut, Reverend Al Sharpton not only got the most sought after interview on Politics Nation, he conducted the most substantive and intelligent interview of Hillary Clinton since her campaign launched.  Due to his long and intimate knowledge of her work as New York Senator and the depth of his involvement with issues and actions both in the Obama and the Clinton administrations, his questions were informed, complex, and incisive.

The interview was free of the annoying and redundant comments and questions we have heard from every interviewer so far, and instead focused on true issues permitting Hillary to respond with substance and specifics. This was an excellent interview and a great example of what can be achieved by passing on the daily feed and adversarial stance and opting instead to inform.  Bravo, Rev. Al!  Great job!

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Here are a few more clips.