Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Hillary Clinton Claims the Democratic Nomination

On the heels of a premature clinch announcement Monday night moving her delegate count to 2384 and with results from Tuesday's primaries still rolling in, Hillary took the stage in Brooklyn and claimed the Democratic nomination.  Later, President Obama called her and congratulated her on securing the nomination.

Hillary Clinton Speaks on Historic Victory

In remarks tonight at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, Hillary Clinton reflected on both the historic nature of her primary victory and the progress it represents for our country. Clinton laid out a vision for how our country and the Democratic party will break down another barrier when it nominates the first woman for president, but reflected on how much more work we have to do to remove the many other barriers holding Americans back, including the divisive, destructive and dangerous vision Donald Trump represents.
Clinton also thanked her supporters and congratulated Senator Sanders and his supporters on the campaign he has run.

Clinton’s remarks, as transcribed >>>>

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By the time she spoke, she was already the projected winner in New Jersey.  In the course of the night, she also won New Mexico and South Dakota. So!  She has the popular vote, the delegates, and is winning more.  Hillary has the momentum, and her speech was superb!
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Congratulate Hillary on the history she has made with a contribution if you can.  Let's propel her into the White House!

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