Friday, June 3, 2016

Hillary Clinton In Culver City with Jake Tapper and Women Luminaries

In a one-on-one with Hillary on The Lead today, Jake Tapper went directly to the Clinton/Trump battle.  Sitting with Hillary in Culver City, he asked her about her comment onTrump and the nuclear code.  Hillary explained that the speech was an attempt to shed light on comments Trump has made.

Hillary stood on her experience and said Trump has neither the experience nor the temperament for the presidency.
Hillary condemned all violence in the political arena. Trump created an environment where violence was acceptable.
Hillary doesn't think any of the violence at the protests are helping anybody.  She wants it to end and said the police have a hard enough job. She said Trump set the bar low and now people are jumping over it.
Jobs report: 75 straight months of jobs creation and unemployment rate did drop again. Hillary wants to push for infrastructure jobs.  We have come a long way, and Trump's policies will throw us into another recession.  Hillary got very excited talking about how the government can step in and help create jobs through public-private partnerships. You can see that she is raring to go!  She wants to get into the office and start doing these things.
The Sanders challenge: Tapper asked why she is having a tough time closing this up.  Hillary said wait till  Tuesday. She cited shared goals and said they will unify to defeat Trump
Tapper asked about Clinton Foundation donations being compared to Trump U.  She called the comparison absurd.
Just my opinion, Hillary is all cranked up.  She knows that officially this primary season ends on Tuesday and she is more than ready to get started doing the job many believe she was born to do.  DSCN6318
Earlier in the day, Hillary rallied in Culver City with women including Maxine Waters, Karen Bass, Sally Field, Debra Messing, and Elizabeth Banks.
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