Sunday, June 5, 2016

Just a reminder ...

If we were to turn back the clock to late 2014 and early 2015 - or even further to Spring 2013 - there was a great deal of rumbling.  Folks at all the Hillary social media sites, Facebook groups and pages, Twitter accounts, and blogs were agitating for Hillary Clinton to run for president.  For her part, Hillary moved very slowly and deliberately -- too slowly for many while here I kept insisting that we hold back and let her think about this monumental decision.

Finally, in April 2015,  she announced and many, many people leaped for joy and jumped on the bandwagon.  Among these were the people who had been prodding her all along to enter the race.  This included thousands - maybe tens of thousands of voters at social media sites long-dedicated to Hillary and big wigs in the Democratic party who had expressed hopes that she would run.

In the 14 months since that announcement, we have not seen a single special delegate flip to Bernie Sanders.  In the social media I have not seen a single status update, tweet, or essay by anyone explaining that they had flipped to Bernie.  Recently I have seen such entries from folks who had been supporting Sanders explaining why they were flipping to Hillary.

In what world, given this history, would any special delegates now move from Hillary's column to Bernie's?

In 2008 we did see people peel off of Hillary when she suspended her campaign and supported the Obama-Biden ticket. My sense is that they have never returned.  I don't see them on Facebook anymore.  Maybe they have unfriended me. But I have not seen a single supporter drop Hillary for Bernie in this cycle.

When Bernie Sanders fantasizes that special delegates (SuperDs) will switch from Hillary to him, he is speaking, overwhelmingly, of the very people who begged her to run in the first place. They were the people who had her ear, and she heard them.  So what is he talking about?

We know he has ignited a movement, but long before he did, Hillary did the same thing in 2008 and people who heard her then stayed with her over all these years.  Hillary has a movement too, and it had momentum right up front when she jumped in.

Nothing Bernie has said, no 'plan' he has laid out has provided any reason for us to swing away from Hillary who has a talent for integrated, complex, detailed plans in her DNA.  We like her. We like how she thinks, how she listens, how she applies what she hears, and how she explains what she is going to do and how she is going to do it.  We asked her to run!  That goes for all of us who have voted for her and plan to vote for her again and again.  We love her for what she is doing for all of us.
You can put your cardboard cutout of Trump in front of us and say what you will about it. We know the person who can explain to the American people why she and not he represents a strong, secure, and prosperous future for this country.

So it is time. It is time for Bernie to dismount from that unicorn he rides.  The Democratic Party allowed him to make a run under our umbrella.  But Democrats did not vote for him in droves.  They voted for Hillary. She has been our candidate from before she was a candidate, and nobody is going to switch from a work horse to a unicorn now.  Bernie came into the tent under rules. He should respect them and stop talking about manipulating them. While he speaks of flipping SuperDs, he himself flips and flops over how he views them.  It is time for him to face facts  #WeAreWithHer.  We have been all along.

It is not that we have not heard Bernie.  We have – loud and clear.  We have listened carefully.  We did not and do not like what we hear.  You are in the boat. It is time to fish or cut bait, or, as Hillary likes to remind us, at least all row in the same direction.


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