Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Hillary Clinton Rallies NJ Voters at Rutgers - Calls Out Trump on Phony 'University'

On the Newark campus of Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, chartered as Queen's College in 1766 and the eighth oldest university of the United States, Hillary Clinton could not have been on terra more firma to address the fraud and  travesty that Donald Trump's bogus and now defunct 'university' was.  Onstage with longtime supporter and Jersey Boy Jon Bon Jovi and NJ Senator Cory Booker, himself something of a rock star,  Hillary outlined the implications of Trump's business model for the nation as a whole should he be elected.

Some of Trump University's tactics: push people to take on debt, cash out retirement, max out credit cards—whatever it took to buy classes.

Trump University employed instructors with no experience and lied to sell outrageously expensive packages. In a word: fraud.

Trump's candidacy is built on his business "credibility." But his business record matches his character: His only concern is his own profit.

The Trump University con says a lot about Trump. If you can't trust him with your personal finances—how can we trust him with our country?
Liz Goodwin

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks during a campaign stop at the Newark, N.J., campus of Rutgers University on Wednesday. (Photo: Julio Cortez/AP)
Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks during a campaign stop at the Newark, N.J., campus of Rutgers University on Wednesday. (Photo: Julio Cortez/AP)
NEWARK, N.J. — Hillary Clinton debuted a new attack line against Donald Trump at a Wednesday campaign stop in Newark, N.J., saying the real estate mogul scammed hard-working Americans and is a “fraud.”
Clinton, the likely Democratic nominee, took aim at Trump University. Documents released Tuesday as part of an ongoing court case highlighted Trump University’s marketing strategy, which critics like Clinton labeled as manipulative.
“Trump U was a fraudulent scheme where Donald Trump enriched himself at the expense of hard-working people,” Clinton told her supporters in New Jersey. “Trump and his employees took advantage of vulnerable Americans, encouraging them to max out their credit cards, empty their retirement savings, destroy their financial futures — all while making promises they knew were false from the beginning.”
Clinton deployed stronger language Wednesday than she recently had against Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee. She accused him of trying to “scam” America again with his campaign. “This is just more evidence that Donald Trump himself is a fraud,” she said.
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Olivia Nuzzi is doing a great job of chasing the Trump stories. Here is her latest.  Enough to make the hardest heart fighting mad ... or should be.  Just disgusting!

Get Rich Quick

Olivia Nuzzi


How Trump U Suckered Its Victims

For a Donald Trump fan who wanted to learn how to strike it rich in real estate, no cash was no problem, according to newly published ‘playbooks’ used by Trump staff for sales pitches.
On the same day we learned Donald Trump misled the public about what he claimed was a $6 million donation to veterans’ charities, we learned that Trump University tried to scam single mothers out of their savings while urging other prospective students to finance their faux education with credit cards.
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I wasn't going to mention it, but what the heck.  What were the chances that of the last 3 parties in the race, one would be the owner/CEO of a failed, phony university and another would be married to the former president of a failed college?   Oh, and a third would have a daughter teaching at an Ivy League school?  What were the chances?

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