Monday, June 20, 2016

Tonight's Vote: Stand With Senate Democrats and Call Your Senators!

Our thoughts and prayers are not enough.
So many of us repeated that refrain after the tragic murder of 49 at an LGBT club in Orlando last weekend -- there have been far too many shootings in the last few years, and too little done to prevent them.
For too long, Republican members of Congress, under marching orders from the NRA, have blocked any form of gun violence prevention legislation -- including reforms that are patently obvious, like prohibiting suspected terrorists from buying guns and expanding background checks to more gun sales. We need both to keep guns out of the hands of terrorists.
Last Tuesday, Senator Chris Murphy -- who was serving as the congressman from Newtown, Connecticut when a shooter killed 26 people at an elementary school -- stood on the Senate floor and announced that he was beginning a filibuster that would not end until Republicans called for a vote on these reforms. He was joined by dozens of senators, from both sides of the aisle -- and it worked. The Senate is voting on important gun violence prevention measures today.
Speaking up matters. Stand with Senator Murphy and the Senate Democrats by adding your name today:

Here is a tool to help you contact your Senators.
I wanted to make sure you knew what’s going on! Tonight, the Senate is voting on a bill on gun violence prevention. Share this opportunity with your community and tell your Senator to vote in favor of gun violence prevention. To stand with Hillary and join the action, sign up at this link. You’ll get a call with a quick tip on what to say, and then you’ll be immediately connected to your Senator’s office:

One call from a constituent could change the way this vote goes - let’s make sure it goes in favor of gun violence prevention.

Or you can call this number:1-855-285-3803. You will be connected with one of your Senators.  Do it a second time to connect to the other Senator.