Monday, June 6, 2016

Hillary Clinton in Compton with Seniors and the Press is Ready for History!

Hillary visited a senior center in Compton, California today and held a press gaggle in the process.  Asked about clinching, she said she wanted to "wait and see where we are after tomorrow."  She did respond to a question about the history.

Many times she said, she has seen women in tears upon or just after meeting her.  We have seen accounts at the Facebook groups, too, from women who have been to her events and recount breaking down as Hillary left and seeing others around them also weeping.  Hillary is very aware of the history factor. She knows, but she does not want to claim the history prematurely.  That will not stop me from picking up some champagne on the way home from the polls tomorrow.  I have been ready for her to do this for a very long time.

Just one day past one of the saddest anniversaries of my life when I lost my candidate who held so much promise on June 6, 1968, I will see the only candidate who has ever replaced him in my heart clinch the nomination.  Yes, I probably will shed a tear, and I will be ready to toast her and us!  I think Bobby Kennedy will be looking down and smiling. Sláinte!

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