Monday, June 20, 2016

Republicans Cave to the NRA and Change the Subject to The Cavs

The Republicans were like,"Let's blow off these votes and get on to the important thing - the Cavs."  For shame! As soon as the vote was over and recorded Rob Portman got up and started talking NBA finals.

Oh! And CNN has decided that Trump firing Lewandowski is the only newsworthy story of the day - nothing about the Senate votes. Good grief!

This came a few minutes ago.
It is heartbreaking.
We just voted on two commonsense gun reforms overwhelmingly supported by the American people.
Like clockwork, Republican Senators voted in lockstep with the NRA -- and against action to save thousands of American lives from gun violence.
Enough. This painful cycle of violence, shock, heartbreak, and prayers -- only to be followed by inaction -- is unacceptable.
But I'm not giving up -- and I know you won't either.
We're going to continue fighting for gun reform.
And we're going to do everything in our power to take back the Senate -- and replace Republicans who side with the NRA with Democrats who demand action on gun reform!
Please add your name now to say you won't back down, not now, not ever. I need you and our PAC for a Change community to stay in this fight. Are you in?
I'M IN »
Thank you for not backing down on gun reform -- no matter how much the NRA tries to stop us.
In Friendship,
Barbara Boxer
U.S. Senator
And this.
Like clockwork, another American community is torn apart by a horrendous mass shooting made possible by easy access to tactical-style weapons.

Like clockwork, Congress convenes to honor the victims with a moment of silence.

And like clockwork, this Congress does nothing to prevent the next tragedy. The hateful attack in Orlando is antithetical to American values. We stand for love, tolerance and unity -- not hatred, violence and division. After countless mass shootings, including in Roseburg, and now Orlando, I have said our thoughts and prayers are not enough. It’s time to act.

Last week, I took part in a Democratic filibuster in the U.S. Senate for gun safety reform.  We took over the Senate floor because the Republican majority refused to act. Republican leaders seem to care more about their NRA rating than keeping Americans safe, and that is unacceptable.

Because of our filibuster Republicans agreed to have a vote on commonsense gun safety laws proposed by Senate Democrats.

But, tonight, like clockwork, Senate Republicans refused to stand up to the NRA and failed to vote to keep guns out of the hands of terrorists.

I want you to know that although Senate Republicans refuse to act, I refuse to be complicit. I refuse to let these mass shootings continue to take place like clockwork.

Thanks for standing with me,

Ron Wyden
Last week, I joined Senator Chris Murphy and fellow Democrats on the floor of the Senate for a historic 15-hour filibuster to demand action on commonsense gun reforms.

Our request was simple. We asked Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans to schedule a vote on two bills -- one that prevents terrorists from purchasing guns and one that expands background checks. And after 15 hours, Senate Republicans finally caved and scheduled a vote for ton‌ight.

The vote just ended, and it pains me to say that toni‌ght, Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans voted against these two commonsense gun reform measures and blocked them from passing. I’m appalled that Senate Republicans chose once again to side with the NRA. I’m appalled that they chose to do so right now, in the wake of the worst shooting in U.S. History.

Today, I’m launching an emergency petition to hold Republican Senators accountable for voting against these commonsense gun safety measures (and I need you to join me): Click here to sign my emergency petition denouncing Senate Republicans who voted against gun reforms.

It’s clear that we need immense public pressure to get Senate Republicans to budge on this issue. So with this petition, we’re calling out every Republican senator who voted “NO” toni‌ght.

Please add your name to my petition calling them out.


Maria Cantwell
Enough. -H
U.S. Senator