Sunday, June 19, 2016

Hillary Clinton's Team Corrects Trump's Orlando Speech

I don't know what the point is supposed to be behind these weekend news blackouts.  A few weeks ago it was a Bernie Blackout.  This weekend it's a Donald Blackout.   When there is a weekend  - especially when it's a weekend with a breather from the hot and heavy campaign schedule, the fact-checkers have time to go back over the past week's events and strike back.

This time, Hillary's defense team had a chance to go back to Donald's post-Orlando speech and make corrections.

Hope this helps, Donald.
Earlier this week, Donald Trump addressed the nation after the worst mass shooting in American history. But instead of trying to bring the nation together, he gave a hate-filled speech riddled with inaccuracies, outrageous lies, and subtle accusations.
We took a red pen to the worst of the worst. Donald, if you’re reading, we hope these edits help!

1. He claimed we don’t have a screening process in place for refugees.

Let me Google that for you, Mr. Trump: A quick search makes it clear that refugee applicants have the highest level of background and security checks of any category of traveler to the United States.

2. He said that the American-born Orlando shooter was born in a nonexistent country called “Afghan.”

The shooter was born in New York City. Specifically, Queens. Also born in Queens? Donald J. Trump.

3. He claimed President Obama is responsible for ISIS.

It’s impossible to connect President Obama’s foreign policy to the rise of ISIS. This is just more of the same fact-free rhetoric and fear mongering that we’ve seen from day one. And we’re still not sure what he means by “apology tour”—but independent fact checkers have widely debunked this nonsensical Republican claim.

4. He claimed Hillary Clinton wants to ban guns altogether.

This is another one of Trump’s many lies. You don’t have to dig deep to find that Hillary is calling for commonsense steps to prevent gun violence, including a ban on assault weapons—not a ban on guns.

5. He criticized American intervention in the Middle East—a surprising position for a candidate who hasn’t made his foreign policy plans clear.

In reality, Trump has supported intervention in Iraq and Libya. But now, Trump has literally been keeping his ISIS plan a secret. The thing is, he doesn’t have a clue what his plans are.
Donald does not back off Hillary on weekends.  I will not back off him.