Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Hillary Clinton with Rachel Maddow

So meanwhile, back at the ranch,  this interview with Rachel Maddow preceded the AP call.  But this is not anticlimactic. Everyone who can should vote tomorrow! I apologize for this not being better organized. It has been a crazy night!

Hillary expressed confidence and said everyone was working hard. She has a wide lead. She would not affirm what kind of speech she would give in Brooklyn, but hinted it would be a victory speech.
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She noted that she suspended eight years ago Tuesday and endorsed the Obama/Biden ticket to unify the party. Hillary is perplexed by Bernie's insistence that she does not have the lead. She thinks he is suggesting that Super Ds can overturn the will of the people.
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Hillary was very firm that special delegates (Super Ds) do not go against the will of the people as represented by hard popular votes and delegates accrued.
Hillary said the sooner we unify against Donald Trump the better.  Hillary does not understand the srgument the Sanders camp lodges.Rachel asked how unity happens.  Hillary can't answer.  Said the campaigns are talking. Then she unloaded on Trump.
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He is the threat that will unite the party.  Trump impervious t the values of America. Dangerous nonsense.  No respect for fellow Americans and disqualified for the presidency.  His attacks are racist.  Re: Trump and the judge and possible racial conflagration:  Hillary will work against that and will call him out on statements that are racist, divisive, and dangerous. 
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Those comments must be repudiated.  Hillary called it a terrible precedent to say a judge by way of heritage cannot rule fairly on a case where Americans have been defrauded.Trump is dangerous, undermines the rule of law. Divisive and disqualified from being president.It is a racist attack. What else can you call these attacks?
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Why 240 years to get here?  Hillary is aware of the history but does not want to get ahead of herself. Wants people to vote tomorrow.  Is running to be president for every single American.

I think this is my day and time to say this.  If you supported her some time in the past ans either "cannot" or do not today, you never were in this camp.  Go follow Donald or Bernie into iniquity. Do not come back here like you are all over Hillary and have her BFF's cell number. We, the anonymous, have stayed the course.  We will carry Hillary in - on Teddy Roosevelt's chair.

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