Thursday, March 10, 2016

From HFA Women's Outreach: It's about the Delegates!

Women's Outreach sent out the following email today.
Clinton’s Pledged Delegate Lead Grows to 221
Campaign Releases Video on Delegate Process
With the completion of all vote counting in March 8th states, Hillary Clinton’s pledged delegate lead has grown to 221, an increase of 24 delegates from Tuesday night alone. This growing lead increases the margin Senator Sanders will have to win in each future state in order to catch up.
“Propelled by the enthusiasm and determination of our extraordinary field staff, volunteers, and supporters, Hillary Clinton has won another state and more delegates. We’re grateful to have earned the votes of hundreds of thousands of Mississippians and Michiganders. As Hillary heads into the remaining March contests, her sizable lead reflects how voters in all parts of the country believe she is the best candidate to ensure all Americans are given a fair shake and a fair shot to succeed,” said Robby Mook, Hillary for America campaign manager.
To help lay out the importance of delegates in the presidential nominating process, the Clinton Campaign also released an explainer video from David Huynh, the campaign’s delegate strategist.
Feb 1Iowa442321
Feb 9New Hampshire24915
Feb 20Nevada352015
Feb 27South Carolina533914
Mar 1Alabama53449
Mar 1American Samoa642
Mar 1Arkansas322210
Mar 1Colorado662838
Mar 1Georgia1027329
Mar 1Massachusetts914645
Mar 1Minnesota773146
Mar 1Oklahoma381721
Mar 1Tennessee674423
Mar 1Texas22214874
Mar 1Vermont16016
Mar 1Virginia956233
Mar 5Kansas331023
Mar 5Nebraska251015
Mar 5Louisiana513714
Mar 6Maine25916
Mar 8Mississippi36324
Mar 8Michigan1306367

If you would like to hear more from David, you can join him in tomorrow's conference call.
Please join us for our weekly conference call on Friday, March 11th at 1:00pm EST. You can register for the call here
This week our special guests will be Lorella Praeli, HFA Director of Latino Outreach who will join us from Florida with an update on the race in that critical state and David Huynh, HFA Director of Delegate Operations who will go into more detail about the importance of our increasing delegate lead!