Wednesday, March 2, 2016

"Let George Do It" Won't Work Unless We're All George

Super Tuesday was not and not expected to be resounding.  Hillary's showing was strong and creditable but was not the Sanders shut-down of which some had dreamt and continue to dream. Bernie racked up solid wins in caucus states.  Ignoring that does not delete those delegates.

From the very beginning, eleven month ago, Hillary told us that this was going to be hard-fought.  It has been and still is.  Hillary and her team - of which we all count ourselves part - worked hard for every success.  She was solid in the South, and she edged Bernie out in his neighboring state, Massachusetts.  That was the good news.

Portraying Super Tuesday as more than it was and predicting a swift demise of the Sanders campaign are land mines to be avoided.  Of course we celebrate the victories. The danger is in sitting back and behaving as if it is time to pop the champagne cork.

While it is fine to celebrate these victories, and we should, it is dangerous to believe, complacently, that Hillary is a shoo-in. Too many analyses, articles, and comments at Facebook groups in the wake of last night provide an alarming message that Hillary is going to win this no matter what.  The "inevitability" mentality is a trap.

There are tough battles ahead.  We are the ones who must fight them.

In the 1950s there was a prevailing attitude in the United States of  "Let George do it."  Perhaps the threats of the McCarthy era influenced people to stand back in the shadows and let others who were willing to take risks shoulder the struggle.  We cannot afford that today.

This is what is happening today, March 2, the day after Super Tuesday, in the House.
March 2, 2016
Bioethics of Fetal Tissue Research The Select Investigative Panel of the House Energy and Commerce Committee held a hearing on the practice of fetal tissue donation and the use of fetal material in medical research.

This is what SCOTUS is doing.

Supreme Court closely divided on abortion case

Sitting at a keyboard and whipping up pipe dreams about Bernie's money pit drying up is not going to get us the president we need to combat the assault - from two sides of our tripartite government - on the rights of women and families to make family planning decisions. This is every bit as much a part of what we do at the kitchen table as paying the bills.  We are and should be past the era of four older siblings working to put the fifth through school.  Deciding how many children we can support as a family is the right of individuals that should not be overridden by government edict. This is very much at the heart of both of those hearings.

The Republican Party is in upheaval.

Longtime traditional Republicans like Christie Whitman, Peter King, and Mitt Romney are alarmed that Donald Trump carries the mantel of their party as he did last night. There are Democrats who feel the same way about Bernie Sanders running as a Democrat. The hard, cold fact is that both of these men are exactly where they are, and Bernie Sanders has actual delegates.  There are more contests ahead.

A handful of outlying Congressional endorsements is not enough for Bernie Sanders to effect the kind of legislation that will protect our rights. Pretending that he is not having the successes that he is does nothing to ensure that Hillary will prevail in Philadelphia - preferably before.

We know which president we need, and we have to fight for her because she is fighting for us.  There is no "George" who is going to do this. We have to.  We all have to be "George."


Be a fighter for Hillary!


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