Monday, March 14, 2016

Hillary Clinton's Illinois Town Hall with Chris Matthews

The night before yet another powerful series of primary contests, Hillary sat down with Chris Matthews for a town hall in her home state.  At the Old State House in Springfield, in the room where Lincoln gave his "house divided" speech, Hillary spoke out against divisiveness and called for common ground.

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Trump: Hillary calls him responsible for the fury and said he incites and encourages the violence.
"Leaders should be calming people down." She said protests should be peaceful and that voting is the best protest.

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Matthews showed video of RFK speaking out against violence after MLK Jr.'s assassination and of  Trump encouraging people to act on protesters.

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She said Trump is inciting mob violence.  "Donald Trump is fanning the flames of violence. That isn’t leadership. It’s dangerous."

She spoke about Bill Clinton's love of schmoozing and his curiosity about people.  Hillary pointed out that she doesn't campaign in poetry but she does the job once she has it.


Matthews misspoke and said Sanders won Iowa.  Hillary rapidly corrected him and said she doesn't trust the polls.  (I don't either!)  She also pointed out the number of delegates she has collected thus far.

Re: Trade - Hillary spoke about her vote against CAFTA (Central America Free Trade Agreement), and said she had waited to see what was in TPP before speaking out against it. She proposes a clawback for companies moving out of the country and leaving an unemployed work force - an exit tax.  "Companies that get tax breaks or government investments shouldn’t be walking out on American communities."

In Europe and Asia there is a set of trade conditions which governments support whereas American companies are afloat without government intervention.  Hillary is firm that we cannot shut the door on global trade but wants to see the playing field leveled and fair for American companies that play by the trade rules.

Taking the title of his show very literally, Matthews got down in the sand on the Iraq War vote. Hillary set up the context of those days and the claim by George W. Bush that the vote would permit the needed inspections to be completed. This was a contentious exchange.  She revisited Bush's promise to her that she would get the money to rebuild New York after 9/11 and said that was why she trusted his word.

In a Syrian context, Matthews brought up our history of "knocking off leaders." (e.g. Mossadegh, Allende, Lumumba, Trujillo, others).  Question:  Should we do that?  Hillary said we cannot paint with a broad brush.

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Question about college debt: Hillary pointed to her New College Compact. "It’s not enough to make college more affordable. We need to help people with the student debt they already have."

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Question from the Mayor of Springfield on sponsorship for immigrants.  Hillary said the screening process must be thorough and that there is an organization arranging sponsorships that is dependable.

Matthews asked Hillary to explain her journey from Goldwater girl to Eugene McCarthy supporter.  Hillary said she went to college as a Republican but found herself in the civil rights / voting rights camp.  Hillary said her mother and her youth minister helped expose her to lives that were different from her suburban upbringing.

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Question from a retired police officer on how to recreate a dialogue between the Black community and police:  Retraining of police as necessary led by experienced people in law enforcement.

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Reduction of gun violence: Hillary spoke about her visit today to a wall of bricks dedicated to kids killed in gun violence.  She said this needs to be a ballot issue.


Tomorrow is another big day.  The voters will decide.  From Women's Outreach:
Dear Women Leaders and Friends,
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Help us make calls to voters in these states tonight and tomorrow as your schedule allows. You can find all of the information you need here:
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