Sunday, March 13, 2016

Hillary Clinton at the CNN/TV ONE Town Hall in Ohio

Hillary went from a Democratic Dinner podium to a town hall stage in a matter of 15 minutes.

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I have done my best to summarize her responses below.  In some cases, her Twitter account was there to help out. The questions appear in the text at the bottom of the photos.

Hillary's questions kicked off with Donald Trump, and she referred to comments made a few minutes earlier at the Ohio Democratic Legacy dinner.   She said Trump bears responsibility for what happens at his events because he not only incites violence, he applauds it.



She responded to the trade union question by saying all of society needs to be opened up, including trade unions.


Steel dumping: She believes it is illegal and would stop that.  Hillary would appoint a trade czar to oversee execution of agreements and prevent violations.


Would she be militarily aggressive?  She would use every diplomatic tool at her disposal.


Death penalty question:  Hillary would like to see states and or SCOTUS rule against it. But terrorist activities under federal laws cause her to want to preserve it for very limited use.


Health insurance costs: Get co-pays, premiums, and costs down and make it possible to find affordable insurance on the available exchanges.  Get non-profits into the competitive mix. HRC will do everything she can to reduce costs and encouraged the woman to keep shopping, that there are more reasonable plans out there.


Incarceration:  She pointed to her complex plan. "Systemic racism is at work in our criminal justice system. We've got to stand up and end these inequities; end the school-to-prison pipeline and build a cradle-to-college pipeline. We've got to stop building prisons and invest in education." - Hillary


Fracking: She supports regulation.  States set these laws.  As POTUS she will try to regulate. A federal ban cannot be promised - by anyone!


Defeating Trump:  She has more votes than anybody - the base is there; the Republicans have been after her for 25 years, and she has developed a thick skin and is ready to go against him; is uniquely qualified as former SOS to speak to what his presidency would mean internationally.  "Whoever goes up against Donald Trump better be ready. I am the best prepared candidate to do that." —Hillary


Gun violence:  It is truly an epidemic; probably cannot prevent all gun deaths but that does not mean doing nothing.  Enforce background checks, close loopholes, and crack down on manufacturers and dealers.  Reverse the immunity law.  She will take on the gun lobby.  "Failing to do anything—which is what we're doing now—will only lead to more loss of life." —Hillary on gun violence prevention.  "I am sick and tired of these murders and random acts of gun violence ... It's absolutely unacceptable that the gun industry can't be held accountable when they endanger Americans" —Hillary

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She has plans for energy renewal and has plans for jobs in communities that traditionally have depended upon fossil fuels.


I am better when I have a job to do than at trying to get the job.

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