Saturday, March 19, 2016

We DID it! Now Let's DOUBLE Hillary Clinton's Goal!

Yesterday, we raised Hillary over the million donor mark.  That's remarkable!  Let's keep it going! Let's double down! Bring your family and friends into the fold!  As little as $1, $3, $5 means everything and gets you on the right side of history! 
I'm told the number just ticked over: As of a few minutes ago, 1,000,000 people have pitched in to be a part of this campaign. Thank you. -H
I’m grateful for what we’ve built. We have a tough fight ahead with stakes that couldn’t be higher. Join in!
I'm incredibly grateful that people are giving what they can afford—94% of donations are $100 or under. -H
One million is just the beginning.  We need to do better!  Let's DOUBLE that!  Share this with your friends.  Let's get Hillary another million small donors!

Let's get Hillary up to 2,000,000 donors!  A small donation is appreciated!  Give what you can. >>>>>>

Remember that when your buy official Hillary gear here, your purchases counts as campaign contributions.  Make sure your dollars go directly to Hillary and not to some vendor cashing in on her name.  Lots of great stuff here!

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Let's draft more recruits!