Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Live at the Apollo - Chuck Schumer: "Hillary Clinton Delivers and She Is Not Finished Delivering Yet!"

Hillary Clinton returned to New York today and our homegirl was greeted with warm enthusiasm at the Apollo in Harlem.  Chuck Schumer gave Hillary a resounding introduction calling on her Senate record as testament to Hillary delivering!  He cited delivery of the CHIP program, the Zadroga Act for 9/11 responders, cleaning up LI Sound.  He cited her fight against Social Security privatization and her fight for the Brady bill (when she was FLOTUS).

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"She listened; she spoke up; and she changed the lives of millions.  We know she delivers, and she is not finished delivering yet... Hillary knows you can walk from one end of 125th St. to the other and meet people from every continent... One New York; One America!" - Chuck Schumer

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"New Yorkers took a chance on me and I will never forget that. You have always had my back and I will always have yours." - Hillary


Hillary Clinton Speech at the Apollo Theater

Harlem, NY – Yesterday, Hillary Clinton attended an organizing event at the historic Apollo Theater in Harlem. Clinton discussed her plans to raise incomes and get results for all communities, keep Americans safe, and bring the country together.
Transcript of her full remarks>>>>>

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Any candidate seriously competing to be president should seriously campaign everywhere. That’s what we’ve done.

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So far we’ve received nearly 9 million votes—more than a million more than Donald Trump and 2.5 million more than Senator Sanders.

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"New Yorkers took a chance on me and I will never forget that. You’ve always had my back, and I’ve always tried to have yours." —Hillary

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Hillary Clinton@HillaryClinton 
"New Yorkers have always believed that if you work hard and you do your part, you should be able to get ahead and stay ahead." -Hillary

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Children in every borough in this city deserve the same chance to succeed as children in Manhattan and Westchester.

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Hillary Clinton@HillaryClinton
Some folks may have the luxury to hold out for “the perfect.” But a lot of Americans are hurting right now and they can’t wait for that.

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"This is NY. Nobody dreams bigger than we do. But this is a city that likes to get things done. That’s what we want from our president too."

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"We need a president who will help break down all the barriers holding Americans back, not just some." -Hillary

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Our next president has to be just as passionate about defending our people and our country as about fixing our economy.

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New York is home to 20 million people. We don’t all look the same. We don’t all sound the same or worship the same, but we pull together.

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When a candidate for president says we can solve America’s problems by building walls and discriminating, New Yorkers know better.

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