Tuesday, March 22, 2016

... in which Wolf Blitzer referred to Hillary Clinton as the 'Democratic Presidential Nominee'

Oh, yes he did!  I rolled it back just to make sure!  Hillary came on to talk about the terror attacks in Brussels during Blitzer's 1 p.m. hour today.  He called her the "Democratic Presidential Nominee"  - so that happened....


Hillary called for everyone's cooperation: reminiscent of the "if you see something say something" campaign in NYC after 9/11.  She called for strong international coalitions to defeat these attacks.

Hillary is strongly supportive of NATO, and said these attacks are very personal. She said we have to remain vigilant and that she gives quarter to nobody.


Blitzer:  Do you want to respond to Mr. Trump?
HRC:  No, I really don't. I don't wanna respond to his constant stream of insults.  I find it really absurd.
I have the the track record, experience, and the temperament.
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