Monday, March 21, 2016

Hillary Clinton at CNN's Final 5 Candidates on the Eve of Super-Tuesday West

All five remaining candidates were interviewed on CNN tonight.  The Republicans spoke first. Hillary followed Donald Trump who whined about Megyn Kelly and claimed (baselessly) that Hillary does not have the stamina to serve as POTUS.


The photos below contain questions as well as her responses.  My notes summarize some responses with some exact quotes included.

DSCN3897 DSCN3898 DSCN3899

Iran: "Distrust and verify."

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Trump: "I am quoting him.  There are serious questions."  His behavior qualifies for that [bullying]. I take him at his word.

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Is deal-making in business the same as deal-making in government? If you run a business you have much more control than you do over a country.

"Designated 'yeller-in-chief' " in negotiations with Netanyahu.

Disconnect with Israel:  Hillary essentially denied that there is such a disconnect.  A give and take between friends is effective.


Noted that she was the one who brought the parties together last.

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She would use veto power at U.N. Security Council to force a settlement.


Said she would not move the embassy to Jerusalem for security reasons.

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Cuba:  You push as much as you can to get the results that you can.

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Tech security:  There has to be a solution.  My critics have never had to face the tough solutions I have faced.


SCOTUS:  "We have one president at a time."  Merrick Garland is Obama's choice. The Senate should go through the process.
“I ask the Senate to do their duty. It’s time for them to quit the partisan posturing and receive the [Supreme Court] nominee.” —Hillary
“Barack Obama is our president. He has a constitutional responsibility to fill [the Supreme Court] vacancy. He has exercised it.” —Hillary

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Extension of the ACA:  If someone can afford to buy the insurance they should be able to buy it, but that does not extend to subsidies.

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Immigration reform: Several steps. But those who are undocumented and have long been here should be in the pipeline.  Legal representation should be provided to see which ones qualify for asylum status.
“I want to get comprehensive immigration reform. And I want to start trying to get it as soon as I’m elected, if I’m so fortunate.” —Hillary
“I want to stop the raids and the round-ups. I don’t believe we should be breaking up families and deporting mothers and fathers.” —Hillary

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Cannot say why some male white voters are not with her.


Video of Bernie Sanders was played saying he never went to Trump's wedding.  Hillary rejects any "horse race poll" at this point.

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On campaigning:  "Any time I have had a job I have been good at it.  I work hard. Doing the job is what I am best at."


Is she held to a different standard?
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Does she know how to turn against Donald Trump?  "I know how to run a campaign."


Hillary did an excellent job as always!


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